Clean & DRY! – utlising new air control methods for superior drying

If you experience issues with re-staining of your marquee sections in storage, this could be the result of the washing process not effectively drying the waxed fabric edges. We have the answer!

We were asked by Straight Eight Engineering to research and test methods to significantly improve the drying capabilities of their marquee washing machines. By implementing new technologies such as the Air Knife System powered by a centrifugal blower we have increased efficiencies and reduced on running costs.”  Sean Harrop, from Air Control Industries.

The Air Knife System is a low pressure, high volume air-delivery tool that is designed specifically to blow-off all surface liquid/moisture; clean web materials; and thoroughly dry all components. Their ease of installation, and low energy consumption makes them an efficient, cost effective solution providing significant savings over alternative thermal and compressed-air systems.

Peter Bonham Christie, Managing Director of Straight Eight Engineering, states “we have already seen many pluses from fitting these new technologies to our new S8E5000 and S8E6000 models: they are more effective to operate and we expect to reduce running costs by up to 90%; they are quieter* and cleaner as blower driven air is dry and oil free.  We are thrilled with the integration of the Air Knives and centrifugal blower, as we can guarantee that you marquees will not just be clean and stain free but 100% dry (including the fabric end tabs!).”

*due to lower pressure operation, the expansion ratio and turbulence of the air produced is reduced significantly.

Contact us to arrange a complimentary visit to see one of new S8E5000 and S8E6000 models in action.

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