Marquee Cleaning; How to Choose the Right Cleaning Method

Marquee cleaning is an important job for any marquee hire company. It’s also a job that can require special skills and equipment. Keeping your covers clean is essential to prolong their lifespan and helps to keep customer happiness high. Here are some points to consider when choosing the best method of marquee cleaning for your marquees.

Types Of Marquee Cleaning Available

There are several different types of marquee cleaners available, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the more common types of marquee cleaners:

1 Pressure Washers – These machines use high pressure water jets to blast away dirt and debris from surfaces. Effective for removing stubborn stains and dirt, but it also has the potential to damage the surface being cleaned. Requires drying space and time too.

2 Sprayers – These machines spray a fine mist of water onto the surface being cleaned. This method is less aggressive than using a pressure washer, so it won’t cause as much damage to the surface. However, it does not provide as much power as a pressure washer and requires a manual scrub at the same time. Requires drying space and time too.

3 Steam Cleaners – These machines use steam to loosen dirt and grime from the surface being cleaned. Steam cleaners are often used by professionals who need to clean large areas quickly. Some scrubbing will be required and drying space and time is needed.

4 Marquee Cleaning Machine – This is the most efficient and highly effective method of marquee cleaner. Clean larger sizes of covers and multiple covers can be cleaned and dried at the same time.

Tips For Keeping Your Marquee Clean And In Great Shape

Investing in a marquee also means investing the time to keep it in good condition. Most marquees are relatively hard wearing since they’re made out of PVC. While this material already offers high levels of protection against wind, rain, UV rays, dust and other pollutants, your marquee still needs to be inspected and cared for on a regular basis to increase its lifespan and keep it looking fresh and new.

> Inspect your marquee at least once every season, and expect to clean it a couple of times over the spring and summer, especially if you’re using it frequently during this period.

> A marquee is more likely to get dirty during the set-up/dismantling process, so if you take care at these stages then you can get away with cleaning it less frequently.

> Consider where you erect the structure: for example, if it’s set up underneath trees, it’s more likely to gather tree sap, dust and grime that washes off the leaves when it rains.

> Grime from traffic will also show over time as a grey tinge on the white material. Once there, it’s difficult to remove and needs a chemical detergent and brush or similar – which is another reason to inspect and clean your marquee on a regular basis.

Which Marquee Cleaning Method Is Best For You?

If you’re looking for a new marquee cleaner, there are a few things to consider before making a purchase. First, make sure you choose a method that will fit into your cleaning frequency. Second, find a method that offers enough cleaning power to remove tough stains and dirt without damaging the surface. Finally, be mindful of the labour and man hours required to clean your marquees.

In most cases for a marquee hire company, the need to constantly clean marquees to get them back out on hire is important. This will increase the frequency of hire and hence the profitability of each marquee. Speed is also an important factor. The faster the cleaning and drying ‘cycle’, the quicker the marquee can be back up on an event.

In light of the above, we would say that investing in a machine for marquee cleaning is the best way to keep your marquees clean.

marquee cleaning machine

Choosing a Marquee Cleaning Machine

There are several different types of marquee cleaning machines available, so it’s important that you choose the right one for your needs. Here at Straight Eight Engineering there are currently two main marquee cleaning machine models: The S8E5000 and the S8E6000.

These cleaning machines have been born out of the exacting requirements of marquee professionals giving companies the versatility to thoroughly clean sides, roofs and gables at scale.

Here are some features to help you decide between them.

Key Features Of The S8E Washing Machine Series

– Washes up to 6m wide and 50m length

– High grade stainless steel

– Safe and easy to use

– Advanced drying system

– Efficient operating system

– Concentrated dip tanks

– Economic water usage

– Water Recycling system

– 3 Phase 63 amp supply

– Cleans sides roofs & gables

– Twin Top Roller Option Available for Both Models

Twin Top Roller Options

The Twin Top Rollers increase the efficiency of the machine to 100%. Both the S8E5000 and the S8E6000 machines are available as a Twin Roller option.

With the twin Roller model, whilst one roller is cleaning, rinsing and drying the other is loading or unloading. This means that as soon as one cover has finished a cycle there is another cover loaded ready to wash, rinse and dry. Ie 100% usage efficiency with no wasted time.

Twin Roller Marquee Cleaning Machine

Invest In Marquee Cleaning

Keeping your marquees cleaner means they look nicer for your customers (reducing negative feedback and holding the rates you can charge), but it also helps to keep them protected for a longer lifespan. Using a machine for marquee cleaning also improves the turnaround time of the marquee between hires.

We offer free advice and help if you are looking to buy a machine for marquee cleaning. Please get in touch today

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