Swedish Client Marquee Washing Machine Delivery

Swedish Client Takes Delivery of S8E600TR Marquee Washing Machine

If you own a marquee hire company, then you know that keeping your marquees clean is essential. Not only does it make them look nicer for your customers ( reducing negative feedback and hold the rates you can charge), but it also¬†protects them for a longer lifespan. That’s why it’s important to invest in a good quality marquee washing machine.

Straight Eight Engineering recently manufactured a marquee washing machine for a tent hire company in Sweden. After consultation we established that this particular client required a machine able to clean larger sized covers up to 6m in width – the S8E6000TR.

marquee washing machine S8E6000TR

The client opted for the Twin Roller version. The Twin Top Rollers increase the efficiency of the machine. Whilst one roller is washing or drying the other roller is loading or unloading covers. (Both the S8E5000 and the S8E6000 machines are available as a Twin Roller option).

Key features of the S8E6000TR washing machine:

  • Washes up to 6m wide and 50m length
  • High grade stainless steel
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Advanced drying system
  • Efficient operating system
  • Concentrated dip tanks
  • Economic water usage
  • Water Recycling system
  • 3 Phase 63 amp supply
  • Cleans sides roofs & gables
  • Twin Top Roller Option

Additional Marquee Washing Machine Benefits

In addition to prolonging the lifespan of their covers, they will also benefit from superior cleaning results (especially compared to manual scrubbing), more time freed up for their staff in the warehouse and a quicker tent turn around between hires.

Marquee Cleaning machine

Interested in protecting your investment?

Our marquee washing machines are renowned to be easy to operate and straightforward to service and maintain. We offer free advice and help if you are looking to buy a marquee washing machine. Our experienced technicians and after sales team offer first class support to ensure that your machines run with no downtime.
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